About us

A husband and wife team offering you eye catching twentieth collectables which look stunning in modern interiors at a genuinely affordable price ! The vast majority of our pieces are handmade from characterful, original designs which reference hundreds of years of craftsmanship and tradition. We focus on twentieth century Czech glass stocking the great names including Moser, Chřibská, Škrdlovice and Železný Brod, but also strive to bring you interesting pieces from less well known makers. We source directly from the Czech Republic often from private collections so that you get a more diverse selection to choose from. We also acquire other exciting objects on our travels including clocks, ceramics and metalwork. When you buy from us you can be assured of an informed and efficient service. We don’t just want you to buy a piece, we want to ignite your enthusiasm for the world of Czech glassmaking and ceramics whose  very survival is under threat from inferior Asian imports and, in doing so, build a bridge between the past glories and the present creativity of Czech craftsman.

Interior Designer or Glass Specialist? Can’t find what you are looking for on our website? We will search for that perfect piece you are looking for to add a finishing touch to a design or collection without any obligation to buy. Contact us with your specific requirements.

Richard and Hedi Burnett the people behind La Boheme came to the business of selling collectables from decidedly different backgrounds. He completed a Ph.D in Art History at Cambridge in the 1990’s and subsequently taught the subject in various academic institutions before taking off to teach English in a former Iron curtain country, fulfilling an ambition he had harboured for years. One day he met Hedi whilst waiting to teach a senior Agriculture Official of the Slovak Government. He was much more impressed with her than the official, but lost his nerve when about to ask her out for coffee. Soon after the official decided learning English was a luxury we could live without and the couple seemed destined never to meet again. However, in a crisis Austrian Railways can be a lifesaver and the 1828 hours from Vienna to Bratislava provided them with an unexpected second chance which they did not miss. They have been together ever since.

Hedi had trained as a food technologist and knew more about milk than is good for anybody. She spent time running  a dairy production line, working for a supermarket chain and as Co-ordinator for the Ministry of Agriculture in Bratislava.

They shared a love of beautiful things and a dislike for the boring and mass produced whilst also nursing a deep desire to be their own bosses. Thus the idea of La Boheme was born combining Richard’s research skills and Hedi’s linguistic flair for languages to bring interesting and affordable  collectables from Central Europe to a much wider audience than simply the specialist collector. Their advocacy of the glass and ceramics produced in this part of the world has only grown as they have visited and talked to the people who make, or now in most cases, made these glorious works of art. Cheap imports are destroying centuries of craftsmanship and tradition year by year as one factory after another closes resulting not only in the loss of jobs, but also in skills that were handed down for generations.

Richard and Hedi invite you to share their passion for this makers and producers of art and, as the business expands intend to offer for a forum for those still practising the skills of the great craftsman of the past.