Our Best Ever Selection

It seems a good long while since I added to this blog-the mains reasons being our presence at top fairs from the National Glass to Antiques for Everyone at the NEC  and even more importantly three weeks of intense buying in the Czech Republic. The aim of our latest odyssey was somewhat different from previous ones in that we wanted stock which would fulfill our objectives for La Boheme Collectables going forward namely to seek pieces which clients don’t see elsewhere whilst at the same time increasing our focus on the best quality available in post-war Czech glass making.  The haul we accrued we believe does match that brief closely and offers a greater choice to our customers than ever before featuring works from all the major names like Skrdlovice, Exbor, Moser, Zelezny Brod and Chribska and designers from Hlava to Lipsky to Vizner to Jelinek as well as a stunning range of works by Jaraoslav Svoboda. Famous pieces from The Whirlpool Vase to Sommersos, the Olympia range and the Pizzicato all are included and all are either on the website or soon will be. We are also starting to feature works of museum quality like Jan Exner’s Wave Sculpture. There is something for everyone and everything is backed by professional knowledge and advice that you only get from a specialist in the field. Enjoy browsing the site and don’t forget to check back as new pieces are being added daily.

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