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Frantisek Vizner (1936-2011) was one of the most respected and collected of all of the great Czech post-war glass designers. His output was rich and diverse with hand blown, cast, pressed and hot worked pieces featuring in his long and distinguished career in design. He studied first in Novy Bor and then at the Zelezny Brod Glass School before completing his education under the legendary Karel Stipl in Prague. He spent five years designing pressed glass for Sklo UnionĀ  before moving on to Skrdlovice where he spent ten highly creative years before becoming an independent designer in 1977. This piece dates from the Skrdlovice years and uses the same colour scheme as the iconic Pivo vase which allows us to date it to around 1974. This is a smaller piece, but just as satisfying with a simple and perfectly proportioned rounded form in a two colour combination suggesting the influence of Scandinavian glass of the period. If you like smaller pieces by the best designers this would be a splendid addition to your collection as this is a rare piece to find these days and is offered in excellent condition with only minor friction marks to the base.

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Weight 720 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm


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